Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Standard Set #3: AP Biology Unit 2 and Reworked Science Practices

Today I have two sets of standards to post: Unit 2 of my AP Biology Class and a reworked Science Practices standard set.

Unit 2 of AP Biology covers transport, beginning with the cellular and molecular details of diffusion, moving into cellular membrane structure, and how that structure regulates what enters and exits the cell. These principles are then applied to organismal processes such as the excretory and circulatory systems. Writing these standards made me realize that what had been a fairly large unit in terms of class time was able to be distilled down to a handful of standards.

I decided to look at my Science Practices standards again because of this comment I received shortly after posting them here:

As I looked back at the first published set of standards, and read them a bit closer and more critically, I decided that there was some fluff as well as some redundancy in them. So here is the new, and I hope improved, set of science practice standards. These are a bit more streamlined, and I hope that will also allow them to be used more globally for science classes as I attempt to expand Standards Based Grading to more of my classes, and maybe some others in the district.

As always, feel free to use these with whatever modifications you need, and please leave any feedback or thoughts below.

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  1. I think your new science standards are a lot more manageable. I've been reworking my lab and content standards for my advanced chemistry course, and trying to use the SPs and AP curriculum framework to help.